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My interests are:

bullet Telescopes


Astronomy - I love stargazing. I have several telescopes and spend lots of time looking at the stars and planets. Here are some of my favorite Astronomy related Web sites:
bullet Nasa
bullet Starmaster Telescopes
bullet Fox Park Public Observatory, Potterville, Michigan
bullet Obsession Telescopes
bullet Tele Vue Telescopes
bullet West Indies - I have spent several years in the West Indies. These are some of my favorite places.
bullet Barbados Beachfront Villas
bullet Barbados Tourism

Virgin Islands Tourism

bullet Target Shooting - I am an avid target shooter and enjoy both pistol and rifle shooting. I have been awarded a Life Membership to the Capitol City Rifle Club (a rare honor bestowed upon only a few people since the Club was founded in 1917).
bullet United States Civilian Marksmanship Program
bullet Sturm Ruger & Company
bullet Winchester Rifles
bullet US Firearms

Water Sports - I love all water activities. Sailing, boating, swimming, scuba, and snorkeling. 

bullet My Dog ZoŽ - ZoŽ is a Cairn Terrier, a Toto dog, and she is my little sweetheart. ZoŽ convinced me to serve on the Board of Directors of the Capital Area Humane Society in Lansing, Michigan (beginning in May 2002).
bullet Zoe of Cairnisma Pictures
bullet Capital Area Humane Society
bullet Monastery of Christ in the Desert - Thomas Merton called it the most beautiful monastery in North America. Pope John Paul II hired them to design the Vatican website.
bullet Monastery of Christ in the Desert Homepage
bullet Monks at Christ in the Desert design Vatican website
bullet Monks' internet Scriptorium
bullet How the Monks live at Christ in the Desert
bullet Eco-sustainability at Christ in the Desert
bullet Buddhist Monks visit Christ in the Desert
bullet Solar Power at Christ in the Desert

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